Boiler Installation

Complete Heating And Boiler Installation Service

Here at PHR we are committed to providing the best plumbing services to new and existing clients, Our boiler installation service comes with a choice of boilers from economy boilers to top of the range boilers such as worcester.

Our expert team of fitters can and will provide you with all the information you may need, we will recommend what best suits your current situation, in usual cases lower cost boilers are very efficient for smaller systems of up to six to seven radiators, Higher cost boilers such as a worcester are more suitable for larger heating systems with many more radiators to power up.

Boiler Installation And Repairs

We Install New Boilers Or We Can Repair Your Existing Boiler.

Boiler Installations.
Boiler Repairs.
Boiler Maintenance.
Gas Appliance Checks.
Gas Fire Testing & Repairs.
Gas Safety Certificates.

Maybe your boiler is on the blink and is not enjoying the winter periods then it might well be time for a service or maybe a brand new boiler system with repairs becoming more regular and costly.

At PHR pluming and heating we have an experienced team of gas engineers who will run all checks on your existing boiler for you provide you with realistic, honest advice on which way you should turn on either fixing your old boiler or replacing the whole unit with a new appliance.

Choosing a New Boiler

We understand that choosing the correct boiler appliance for your household at an affordable cost can be a daunting task for you not knowing anything about it, That’s why we aim to provide all of our customers with as much information as possible when purchasing a new boiler for your home.

We offer a wide range of different boilers which come with different warranties depending on your requirements and which appliance you decide to go with after we have advised you on your current situation.

Need A Home Visit

To have one of our qualified gas engineers visit your home to advise you on your current situation, You would need to contact our administration team to book in for a free no obligation quotation.

Need Finance For Your New Boiler

PHR plumbing are lucky enough to be in a position to be able to offer low APR% finance deals on brand new heating systems to all new and existing clients, A basic credit check would be required to find out if you are liable for this deal who our administration team will happily arrange for you.


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We also offer an annual boiler inspection each year

Should you require any advice on the services we provide then contact our admin team or alternatively you can leave your enquiry in the comment box provided for you below, We will always get back to you within 24-hrs.

Testing & Certificates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your engineers gas safe registered?
Yes, our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. We will also issue an appliance notification, which is a legal requirement sine April 2009.
Can you arrange installation?
As Gas Safe Registered engineers, we install all gas appliances and we can also fit all electric appliances along with fire surrounds, central heating radiators and any other gas or electric appliance.
What If Your Appliances Fail Our Safety Tests ?
Our experienced gas engineers will inform you of any appliance failure you may face, we will the provide you with a free no obligation quote for any works that may be required to help you get up and running with your pass certificate, Our quote will be based on cost of parts and our labour rates which are very competitive within the plumbing industry.

Which type of boiler is most efficient?
Most homes in the UK have central heating systems powered by boilers. There are a variety of different types of boiler available, and the one that’s most efficient in your home will depend on a range of factors, including the size and layout of your property and the way you use your heating and hot water.
Why is my boiler making noises?
In most cases, gurgling noises that may appear to originate in the boiler are actually caused by air elsewhere in the system. This is very common and can be easily remedied by bleeding the system. Fully open all radiator thermostats and run the heating at full temperature for 10-15 minutes with all radiators on Turn the circulation pump off and wait until radiators are cool - usually 30-60 minutes Bleed the radiator nearest the boiler using a bleed key or screwdriver until water comes out Repeat this for each radiator Turn on the boiler and check the water pressure (see below). If you are unsure about bleeding the system or encounter difficulties at any point, it is advisable to contact a professional at the earliest instance.
Can a boiler be fitted in a bathroom?
The bathroom can be quite a popular location for a boiler - it can be tucked away inside a cupboard and the hot water could reach your bathroom fixtures much faster. It’s also very convenient as this room already contains the correct drainage and waste pipes, making it one of the easiest places to install the appliance.
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We have highly trained and skilled plumbing engineers. From boiler repair experts in the area to a leaking tap. We will dispatch the right engineer for the right job.

Highly Trained Team

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If you are struggling to find reliable plumbing services, then you have come to the right place. Our company can offer you licensed and insured plumbers who come to your doorstep and repair everything in hours.

Fast & Efficient Service

No plumbing job is too big or too small. Contact us today!